Another white blouse…

I now have two of these white blouses. And I love them.

I am a bit sad, I nearly always used to buy two, sometimes three of something if I really liked it. So it comes as no surprise to me and those that know me that I make more than one of something if I really like it. I now have seven variations on the Mathilde blouse (Sarah style) SEVEN! FFS! What am I like? But you know what, I don’t care. I really don’t. This style of top suits me to a T, and is what my wardrobe has been waiting for. And this has basically been my reason for starting to make my own clothes. So I can have exactly what I want, when I want it. Wow that makes me sound slightly nutty and very spoiled. But in my mind its just good sense. If you find something that you love and it suits your style then why not have it in a million different fabrics. There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there and I enjoy making these tops in a different fabric each time and seeing how they turn out. And of course occasionally I’ll make it in the same fabric, simply because I love it and I have enough fabric for two. So there you have it

Don't they look pretty.

Don’t they look pretty.

The backs.

The backs. So very similar, but ever so slightly different.



I really love how it looks with jeans.


I would like to share this picture of the pins in the sleeve head, I just love how the coloured pins look against the white. Thats all.


  1. Love your thinking Sarah. The fabric for the blouses is just gorgeous. I saw similar tops in Guildford yesterday and thought how great they looked with jeans.

  2. Thanks Neela, the fabric really does make both the blouses look special I think. I really love them.