More sleeve loveliness…

This time I thought I’d try it without the cuff

This version will be fab for the summer…

Could not decide…

On what length I wanted this to be. Started out as a top.

Wore it a couple of times, then decided I didn’t like it like that, so turned it into a midi length dress

Which made me feel fat and frumpy. So off came some length, and now its a knee length dress.

Still not sure if I’m happy with it. To be totally honest, I think its the fabric/pattern. I really don’t do well in florals!

Couple of alterations…

Remember this dress?

Well I decided I wasn’t happy with it as a maxi dress. I know I’m fickle! So I shortened it.

It might be a tad too short to wear with bare legs, I did wear it once with bare legs during the really stupidly hot weather.

But this is probably how I’m more likely to wear it.

This dress had just a small alteration. I turned up the hem about 5cm or so, but did it so the reverse of the fabric showed. Just gives it a little contrast.

Bags for a pandemic…

I work for the NHS so when Covid-19 was in full swing back in April, we had to start changing out of our uniforms before coming home.  I needed bags that could be put in the wash at 60 degrees, so they could be reused.  And I came up with the idea to make bags out of oil uniforms, as I knew they can be washed at 60, with no problems. I made myself two, and some of my colleagues liked them so I made some for them too. They are proving to be very useful.

The first bag I made, I thought it would be fun to incorporate the pockets. However I then decided not to bother with the rest.

I loved the navy one with the contrast stitching. You can see here where I’ve used zig zag stitches to prevent fraying. And I really love how it looks.

In fact I loved it in navy so much, I made one for myself as a reusable shopping bag. It can fold up nicely to fit in most of my bags, to take when going to town.

The bags for work, are literally two pieces of fabric sewn together with handles attached. So essentially they are flat. Whereas the one I made for myself for shopping, has sides and a bottom. So its a bit bigger and can fit more in.

Haven’t posted in ages…

I have been sewing, lots. Just haven’t got round to blogging about it yet. Sorry xxx

This is my fave so far…

This fabric came from Ditto fabrics in Brighton. I bought some back in January from the shop itself, in black and white. I then decided I wanted some more, but they didn’t have any more of that one, but had it in this black/blue/white combo. Which I’m loving just as much. Its ex-designer (Paul Smith) and the quality is fab! I love that I can make stuff from such excellent quality fabric, for the fraction of the price that I would have to pay for such a garment if I bought it RTW.

You can see the blue in this pic.

Sorry about the dusty mirror!

I’ve only worn it for trying on purposes and picture taking, but it feels so comfortable to wear. Can’t wait to be able to wear it out of the house, to go somewhere nice!

I have enough of this fabric left to make another top. And I also have the black/white combo, which I’m thinking I’ll make a dress from.


Lovely lovely tops with the empire line!

First one made with a cotton fabric from Cloth house London. Bought this end of Feb during a few days stay in London before all this Coronavirus mess started!

I’ve been into red lately, and I couldn’t resist this red and cream small check combo.

Can see the detail of the fabric a little better.


Second Linden…

I’ve finally made another Linden. Used the same fabric apparently. Ordered it from the same place “Minerva Crafts”, but this one seems a little stretchier and softer. I also followed the pattern properly this time and used the right seam allowance. So this one fits better. And I used Merchant and Mills ribbing for neck band and sleeves and hem. I had to use different colours for the hem to the neck and sleeves, but I think it works quite well.

Very happy with this one, and its so comfortable to wear too.


Gone back to the beginning…

When short of fabric but you want to make something, make a simple rectangle top. I used the fabric that was left over from the maxi navy and white spot dress, but used the wrong side of the fabric as the right side. I really liked the way it looks, looks a bit like a faded denim.

No pattern required, just over two hours start to finish. And that includes ironing before cutting out.

Job done!

New dress for holiday…

Going on holiday soon and I wanted another dress. So happy that I can make what I want and not have to go trawling the shops for something.

Think I’ve finally discovered the perfect fabric for this dress. Its a viscose of some sort I believe, anyway its a lovely soft fabric which drapes beautifully.

This is another Trapeze/Marshmallow hack. Love it.

Nice and long.

Love it from side angle too. Can’t wait to wear it on holiday.