Bags for a pandemic…

I work for the NHS so when Covid-19 was in full swing back in April, we had to start changing out of our uniforms before coming home.  I needed bags that could be put in the wash at 60 degrees, so they could be reused.  And I came up with the idea to make bags out of oil uniforms, as I knew they can be washed at 60, with no problems. I made myself two, and some of my colleagues liked them so I made some for them too. They are proving to be very useful.

The first bag I made, I thought it would be fun to incorporate the pockets. However I then decided not to bother with the rest.

I loved the navy one with the contrast stitching. You can see here where I’ve used zig zag stitches to prevent fraying. And I really love how it looks.

In fact I loved it in navy so much, I made one for myself as a reusable shopping bag. It can fold up nicely to fit in most of my bags, to take when going to town.

The bags for work, are literally two pieces of fabric sewn together with handles attached. So essentially they are flat. Whereas the one I made for myself for shopping, has sides and a bottom. So its a bit bigger and can fit more in.