Short sleeved Blouse…

I wanted to try making shorter sleeves on my blouses so I re-drafted the sleeve pattern

Can just about see what I've done.

Can just about see what I’ve done.

I’d been meaning  to buy some of this paper for months & finally did so in February. Its so useful I’ve re-drafted several things already. Anyway this is my first attempt at short sleeves.

Having the shorter sleeves has enabled me to get the sleeve pattern on the fabric the right way round this time. when i made the last blouse with the Merchant & Mills black & white fabric I had to put the sleeve pattern side ways as it was too wide for the fabric. The fabric was only 112cm wide and you need at least 140cm width really. But this time with shorter sleeves all fitted properly. I’m using more M&M fabric, the same as the black & white one but this is sort of red & white with a blue wash. Gives quite an interesting effect. This top will go beautifully with jeans me thinks.

Bit of a tight fit on the fabric when its 112cm wide.

Bit of a tight fit on the fabric when its 112cm wide.







Here's me wearing it.

Here’s me wearing it.

I’m quite pleased with the shorter sleeves but now know I can go even shorter. Back to the drawing board.