June 2013: Second cushion cover.

I’ve finished my first cushion cover and am now eager to do more. I didn’t really like the pillow case type cushion cover I made first time so looked for alternatives. I found a brilliant tutorial on “gone to earth” on envelope back cushion covers and they looked gorgeous. I read and re-read the post on how to do it, went to Dunelm mill and bought some gorgeous fabric. I also bought several cushion inserts and more cotton. I was almost as nervous buying fabric as I was making my first cushion cover. I didn’t really know how much I would need, and I think I totally confused the poor sales assistant, but she was really helpful and between us we managed to come to the conclusion that I’d need a meter of two types of fabric. I purchased said fabrics, drove home and went up to my sewing room and started to mark out the fabric, very very carefully. I was so nervous, this was lovely lovely fabric and quite expensive and I was scared of messing it up. After marking it very carefully I even more carefully cut the fabric, this was the point of no return! I cut the fabric, then marked out my seam allowance, Pinned it and began to sew……….