NOVEMBER 2013: Last item of 2013.

So its the end of November and work is getting quite stressful, and my creative juices are  running dry! I’m a little worried that sewing was just a novelty and now I’m going off of it. I really hope not, but you never know.

Anyway I  make another bag, using the rest of the Kokka, Melody Miller fabric. It turns out alright, but the tension on the bobbin was wrong and the stitching on the bottom row of stitches at the top of the bag (hope that makes sense) is not quite right. As the bag is only intended for me I’m not too worried. And its not too much of a problem, just looks a little off if you look at it too closely. I didn’t notice the thread wasn’t right in the bobbin till I did the top row of stitching on the bag, and then I nearly freaked because I couldn’t work out was happening. Eventually I took a closer look at the bobbin and realised that the thread had come loose somehow. I readjusted it and then spent forever (or what seemed like it) unpicking the stitches. And then re-stitched.