Top and a skirt…

I’m afraid there won’t be many pictures but the ones there are say it all really.

I made a skirt for the first time, following various on line tutorials for a simple jersey skirt. Didn’t quite work out as planned as came out a bit too big! However lessons learned and have since found another tutorial which I prefer and will give that a go.

After making the skirt I ended up making a top to go with it, a simple Trapeze top. Very happy with it too, took me about 3.5 hours in total to make the top and about 4 to 5 for the skirt, mostly because I’ve not made a skirt before and it was sort of self drafted!

I found this gorgeous jersey fabric in one of my local shops and as it was only £6 a metre I bought 4 metres ( why wouldn’t you?) And I managed to squeeze the top and skirt out of 2m of fabric so I still have another 2m to play with…

I have to wear a belt with the skirt otherwise it will fall down.

And here is the skirt with some other of my self made tops.

I wore skirts like this all the time when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, so its been a while!

And here’s the top worn with jeans.

  1. Trying to find suitable patterns is always a struggle. I like to compare it with buying RTW-clothes at the time I still bought them. I try to draft some of pattern too and enjoy the research and the learning curve. Although a skirt seems to be easier then trousers the truth is different in my opinion. I do like the style of the black top on the jeans looks great and the version with the striped top on the skirt is also a great combination.

  2. Thank you Sonja, I appreciate the feed back. Yes the skirt making was more tricky than I imagine it would be, although looks okay and is wearable if I didn’t have a belt on it would fall down! I shall have another go though.

  3. I though of you today as I cut out a calico trapeze dress hack! Trying to change it to a jewel neckline and opening at the back and a bell 3/4 sleeve – just to see if it works. I think I need a trip down to Rye this summer, how about lunch in Rye and a visit to Merchant & Mills?

  4. Ooh that would be lovely. Let me know when you are free and we’ll see what we can arrange. Xx

  5. Very lovely! Both garments are really nice, I love how fluent the patterns are. They drape very nicely.

  6. Thank you so much XX

  7. jenny morris

    Terrific combination!
    And I think you have a suntan!

  8. Me have a suntan! And I thank you jenny. xx