One small detail can make all the difference…

I made this grey jersey Imogen dress a while back, I wasn’t entirely happy with it but did think it would probably be ok for very hot summers day.

However it kept bugging me, every time I’ve tried it on I liked it at first and then after a few minutes I don’t like it. I would find myself hitching it up at the sides (you know, like when you hitch your skirt/dress up when paddling in the sea) and I liked it much better.

I have been wondering how best to do this and have it look Okay. And then I thought about how I often have to gather sleeve heads or the collar area (Imogen) and decided this was the way to go.

I’m really happy with how its turned out and can’t wait for it to be warm enough for me to wear it.



I love the shape and the drape the dress has now.

Such a simple alteration but it has made it that little bit more interesting.

A couple more pics with one of my bags. I love the combination of the grey and the red.

  1. Sonja

    I think you did a great job. Although the original make looks wonderful the small alterations you’ve made gives this a personal and more interesting look.

  2. Thank you Sonja, I thought it made it more interesting too.

  3. love the gather detail, works so well!

  4. Thanks Ruth. Husband still thinks it looks like a nightshirt! But I don’t care as it was so lovely and cool to wear these last couple of days.

  5. Jenny

    That’s great! You’re a designer!

  6. You are too kind Jenny! But thank you. Xx