Not sure if I look like a wasp…

In this.

Lovely striped viscose jersey fabric in black and cream. However I fear I look a bit like a wasp in it. I still love it though.

I made another Trapeze but this time I only altered the sleeve length, and left the dress length as is, instead of doing my usual and shortening it.

I tried to be so careful with the stripe matching and it worked for the most part. Just goes slightly out of kilter here and there.

I love the drape on this fabric too.

And although its a relatively light fabric it has a lovely weight to it when worn.

Although I’m wearing heels in the pics I’m much more likely to wear it with flats. And I think it looks better in the flesh than in these pictures.

  1. Jenny Jenny

    Beautiful! I love it!
    I couldn’t walk in those heels!!

  2. Thanks Jenny, and I can’t walk in these heels! I can stand and walk short distances but anything farther and off they come. XX

  3. It really looks great and it suits you well. The slightly puffed sleeves are looking beautiful.

  4. not a wasp in sight, looks brilliant and the jersey has a wonderful drape.

  5. Thanks Ruth. The fabric is really bouncy too!