Third one…

Here comes the third Imogen. I think we can safely say this will be the year of the Imogen!

Using my newly adapted longer pattern pieces.


I’ve used the same fabric because I like it very much. And it would seem third ones a charm. Finally got the hang of the placket and this one looks really good.


The collar edges are getting better too.


Another shot of the neckline, just cos I’m so pleased with it.


I do love that curved hem too.



  1. Looks great, I have the pattern tucked away and never made. Must find some fabric to try it out and join in you Imogen year!

  2. Oh please do, as I keep saying it is a lovely pattern to make. Xx

  3. Gillian

    That’s a really nice top. And it looks so well made.

  4. Thank you Gillian, I am really pleased with this one.