Sleeveless navy…

So I had some of the navy jersey left over. It was just enough to make a sleeveless top, which was somewhere in length between the tunic top and the regular top. Now I’m not too keen on the sleeveless look on me any more but I just couldn’t waste that amount of fabric so I had to go for it.

And I’m really glad I did.


I could only manage to get a top out of the amount of fabric I had left because its jersey and doesn’t need a facing of any kind. and I do so love the seams don’t need finishing, as it made for a really quick make. 3 hours in total.


I simply folded over the edge of the armholes and the neck by 1.5cm and sewed in place. I know a lot of sewers frown on this, but I say if it works why not?




It hangs really nice. Its a lovely weighty jersey.



Apologies for the headless pics, but had really bad bed head hair!

I’ve decided I don’t mind sleeveless on me when its in a plain fabric and a certain length. I think I might even try a sleeveless dress for summer.


  1. it worked brilliantly!

  2. Thanks Ruth, how did your Trapeze work out? Xx

  3. jenny

    This is fabulous! It looks great! I don’t think you should be at all perturbed about sleeveless! This is a winner!
    All those exclamation marks… Sorry!! 🙂

  4. Thank you Jenny, I’m just so pleased that I managed to get 3 tops out of the fabric, and it didn’t go to waste. How are your sewing projects coming along? Xx