A wedding…

Went to the wedding of my middle Niece Kim last month. I wore this..


Which I wore to a wedding reception at the beginning of the year. Very happy to have worn it more than once, as its the most expensive fabric I’ve bought yet!

Here’s a pic of the lovely Bride and Groom and the Brides aunts my Sister and I, and our other halves.


And the beautiful Bride and her Groom. Her dress was stunning, I especially loved the skirt. Was not made by me!


It was a fabulous wedding. Been so long since I’ve been to a family wedding and it was much fun. Looking forward to the next one now and wondering what I’ll make for that?

  1. Jenny

    What a lovely dress, Sarah! It looks great, and very stylish.
    Your niece looks lovely, too, and very happy.
    A sunny day!

  2. Thank you so much Jenny, it was a really lovely wedding and a very lovely day. Xx

    P.S spoke to the Husband who suggested I edit, so I did and that has got rid of all the extra Jenny’s. Xx

  3. Jenny

    This is a test. Think I was up to 10x Jenny last time 🙂 Maybe I need to use a codename each time 🙂