Apron for my Mum…

So my Mums Birthday was coming up and I had not got a clue what to buy her. After giving it some thought I decided to make her a new apron, she loves her aprons and is always wearing one.

I quite enjoyed deciding on what fabric to get and finding the matching thread and strapping for the ties.  Took me ages to make a decision. I ended up with a gorgeous grey and cream spotty fabric, which works really well as an apron.

I find it a very satisfying thing to make actually. Took me about 4 hours, and this one is even neater than my first one. I’m quite proud of it I have to say. And my Mum was very happy with it too!

Below are the pieces, cut out and ready to put together.


I zigzagged all the edges first, this fabric was quite good at fraying.


Very happy with the curves at the sides.




Inside out.






Cost me more to make it than it would to buy one, but I feel you can see the quality in the fabric and the finishing, even if I do say so myself!

  1. Jenny

    What a lovely piece of sewing – no wonder your Mum loves it. Very nicely done, great fabric. Much better than anything you could buy! Exclusive label, too!

  2. Thank you Jenny, it is some of the neatest sewing I’ve ever done. Apart from the pocket, went a little wonky! X

  3. wonderful gift, that will mean more than a shop bought apron! Jenny so right x

  4. Thank you Poppy, she does love it but hasn’t worn it yet. I think she’s saving it for best!Xx