I love stripes…

Didn’t think I did at one time, always thought of myself as more of a spotty/dotty person, but it seems I’m loving stripes just as much. Maybe this is the difference when you make your own clothes, you can actually make something that suits you.

So without further ado, meet my stripy Trapeze dress in this gorgeous ponte roma jersey from fabricgodmother .co.uk, its quite thick but also drapes beautifully. And best of all it doesn’t crease whilst wearing. And it was lovely 2 day project, could have done it in a day but I didn’t want to rush it, as I sometimes just simply love the making process.


I had a horrible time trying to match up the stripes at the back and just gave up in the end. It was either have the stripes match down the centre back and have the stripes be wonky on the front or have them mismatched at the back and horizontal and straight at the front.


Quite bad for the eyes if you stare at it for too long, fortunately its at the back and I can’t see it.

Sides are not too bad, not perfect but a lot better than the back.


Think it looks quite good across the top too.



And just look at those stripes going from sleeves to bodice. Not bad eh?


I really love the way to hangs, and it feels really really good on.


So there we have it, Trapeze dress No: 5 I think. Oops! I think maybe a few more then I’m done… Or not!




  1. Jenny

    Hi Sarah!

    What a fabulous dress. It looks great, and very nicely executed.
    I was thinking the other day of using stripes and deliberately mismatching them, to get the effect you’ve got on the back. I rather like it! I’m sure if I tried to do it, I couldn’t! Ha!

    I have recently discovered The Maker’s Atelier patterns. I’m sure you know them. Wow! Unfortunately the price is a bit steep for me – especially with postage – looking like AUD50 each, sadly. But for now, I am enjoying the styling and the ideas I’ve got from them.

    Looking forward to seeing your next creation! I made a shirt for the first time in about 10 years the other day. Really enjoyed it. I even graded the pattern up by two sizes – right out of my comfort zone. And it worked (apart from the collar stand being a bit too big, but I fixed that easily). Your blog has given me confidence to try things. Thank you!

  2. Of course, its so obvious now, I need to try and not match up the stripes and then they probably will! Thanks for that :0)
    Oh yes The Makers Atelier patterns do look divine. I haven’t quite been tempted enough yet to spend that kind of money on one myself, but am coming close. Not as expensive as it would be for you of course, but still costly enough.
    Oh wow, you made a shirt, and graded up, that sounds really complicated. I’m still doing the basics really. Might attempt button holes this year though.
    I am beyond happy that my blog has helped, makes it all worthwhile. Thank you once again for your lovely comments and feedback, I really do appreciate it. Hugs Sarah Xx