A maxi dress…

I love this dress, and have been planning it in my head for ages. I’ve just been too nervous to actually make it after my recent disappointments. The fabric I’ve had since August, its a beautiful cotton poplin from Fabric Godmother. And I’ve been looking at it and wondering what to make. And when this idea popped into my head I just knew that I had to make it. after the alteration to my Trapeze dress I made last week I decided I was ready for this.

I got 3metres of this fabric, now normally I try to get 2 garments out of this much fabric. Thinking it makes more economical sense, but this time I just thought F*^@k it! Use it all on one garment.

So this is a Trapeze/marshmallow combination. Trapeze on the top with a marshmallow bottom. Oh and an extra tier for length. Very happy with it, really really am.

Lots of pics to follow…

Lovely neck line.

Sewed the tiers wrong sides together, to get the ruffle detail.

I can’t wait to wear this in the warmer weather! If we get any…  Feels amazing on.

I think its safe to say…

I’m a creature of habit. And when I like something, I really like something. And therefore when I find a pattern I love, I will make it time and time again. I will also find ways of making it simpler too. For I am a lazy sewer, very lazy. If I can skip a step or leave something out I will.

For my latest Marshmallow, I had it all cut out, pockets and all, but it sat in my to do pile which consisted of just that, for about 6 weeks. It has taken me long time to get over the cold/flu type thing I had at Christmas, New Year. And I just couldn’t face making it up. I cut it out, but just couldn’t bring myself to make it up. Why? Mainly because of the pockets. I love the pockets on this dress, just couldn’t bear the thought of sewing them. So I made a few other items in the mean time. One of those being the black sleeveless and pocketless Marshmallow (due to lack of fabric), which I love.

So I ummed and ahhd and finally decided to make another tunic version, but this time with sleeves, but still without pockets. So I cut down the length of the skirt pieces and put the pockets to one side, and cracked on with it.

And very happy I am too.

I made the seam allowance 2cm this time instead of 1.5cm, to see if it reduced the size a bit. And it does. However I had already sewn the centre back seam together before I made this decision. So next time I will make that 2cm too. I think it does fit a little better.

I’m really loving this fabric also. Its a charcoal grey quilted Ponte Roma from FabricGodmother, and its so soft, comfy and cosy. However I think it will pill like a bitch!

It was meant to be a dress…

it didn’t quite work out as planned. I felt it looked more like a nightshirt and when the Husband agreed it was a done deal. So I turned it into a tunic instead. And I love it and have worn it so many times already. The fabric I got for my Birthday and it came from the fabulous Fabric Godmother, seriously that website is so dangerous for me! The fabric is a gorgeous crepe and it feels wonderful to wear. I think its sold out now otherwise I’d get some more.

Here’s a couple of pics of the dress version.

When I look at the pics again I quite like it now, I’m definitely going to have another go at making a dress version.

And now for the pics of the tunic.


Worlds most boring Party dress…

But its exactly what I wanted and I love it. I used the Trapeze pattern (again), shortened the sleeves a little, but otherwise its the same as the others.  And instead of doing a proper hem on the bottom I just zigzagged the edge. It was going to be a real pain in the arse to do a proper hem with the fabric I was using, which was a beautiful black crepe from fabric godmother.co.uk.









Could possibly get away with being shorter, but maybe next year I’ll shorten it.

The fabric turned out to be really nice to sew with, I was pleasantly surprised. My main problem with it is that the facing at the neckline shows through from the underneath. Not a major concern but bugs me a little. Otherwise a lovely stress free make.


The length was really bothering me. I finished this dress 2 weeks ago and blogged about it pretty much soon after (but hadn’t yet posted it). I mulled over it for a week and finally decided to cut off 1.5 inches. And now its fabulous, in my eyes anyway. Its probably still a little boring in some peoples eyes but its a great backdrop for a statement necklace.

I would like some more of this fabric and would like to try the sleeveless version. Maybe next year…

Love the way its hanging here. The fabric has a lovely weight to it which makes the dress hang beautifully.

Love the way its hanging here. The fabric has a lovely weight to it which makes the dress hang beautifully.

Without necklace...

Without necklace…

With long necklace...

With long necklace…

With vintage beads...

With vintage beads…

Haven’t yet decided which necklace to wear. Probably make that decision two minutes before going out the door!

 I think I like it better without tights.

I think I like it better without tights.

I apologise once again for the quality of the pictures. Black is really hard to photograph well. Also I’m afraid most of the pics were taken in the evening and the ones that weren’t were taken on a really gloomy day. It really does look better in person.