Apron for my Mum…

So my Mums Birthday was coming up and I had not got a clue what to buy her. After giving it some thought I decided to make her a new apron, she loves her aprons and is always wearing one.

I quite enjoyed deciding on what fabric to get and finding the matching thread and strapping for the ties.  Took me ages to make a decision. I ended up with a gorgeous grey and cream spotty fabric, which works really well as an apron.

I find it a very satisfying thing to make actually. Took me about 4 hours, and this one is even neater than my first one. I’m quite proud of it I have to say. And my Mum was very happy with it too!

Below are the pieces, cut out and ready to put together.


I zigzagged all the edges first, this fabric was quite good at fraying.


Very happy with the curves at the sides.




Inside out.






Cost me more to make it than it would to buy one, but I feel you can see the quality in the fabric and the finishing, even if I do say so myself!

I needed a new apron…

So I made one.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wash up or cook without wearing an apron, just doesn’t feel right to me. My old one was looking a bit sad and in need of a wash and I couldn’t find the other one with which to swap it. I’ve always wanted to make an apron as I love the shape and it looks like it should be easy. I remembered I had some denim fabric from Merchant & Mills left over from previous projects and wondered if I had enough to make an apron? I had a look, laid the old apron on it and yes I had plenty. I even had enough for the ties. I was going to use a different fabric for the pocket, a light blue cotton canvas with dark blue stars, but decided against it. So I cut out the shape, cutting round the old one, remembering to leave plenty of room for seam allowances. And cut out the neck and waist ties, after measuring carefully of course.

It was while I was thinking about the apron ties and neck strap and cutting them out that I realised there would be an awful lot of sewing to do with them, and again I remembered I had some gros grain strapping in my stash. I had a look and found the perfect match. Did I have enough though? It looked like I might not at first but after a bit of revaluation I had plenty. Oh happy day!

The unassembled pieces.

The unassembled pieces.

I was a little bit anxious about doing the curve at the side but it went a lot smoother than I expected it too. I first ironed the folded over edge and then folded it over again, ironed and pinned in place.

Like so.

Like so.

Did the same the other side, sewed, and was happy with it.

Next up was the top of the apron and neck straps. I had a good look at the old one to see how best to attach the neck strap.

Pinned in place, then sewn.

Tucked under folded over top, pinned in place, then sewn.

And then you turn the neck strap right way up and do some of that X shape in a square stitching. Think it might be called reinforced stitching or something.

Pinned first.

Pinned first.

Then stitched.

Then stitched.

Then the side edges, again folded over, ironed then repeated. Sewn. Lovely. The waist ties were attached more or less the same as the neck strap.

Waist tie attachment.

Waist tie attachment detail.

I found the pocket quite tricky. Folding the edge over it didn’t want to go nicely, so its ended up a little bit untidy. And my stitching isn’t brilliant either. Never mind though, apart from my husband, I’m the only one that’ll see it on a daily basis.


Doesn’t look too bad in the picture.

There we are...

There we are…

Look at that for a stylish apron. I can’t believe how happy this makes me. I love it every time I put it on. The old one is a red and white stripe, nice, but not as lovely as this. More pics…

Love the inside

Love the inside






My little label.

My little label.


I love it!

I love it!

Pockets work.

Pockets work.

I know I probably shouldn’t be this excited about an apron, but I am. Makes a change from a blouse.