More sleeve loveliness…

This time I thought I’d try it without the cuff

This version will be fab for the summer…

Its all about the sleeves…

Puffy sleeves! I really wanted to make my empire line tops with puff sleeves, so I pattern hacked the sleeves from Tilly and the Buttons “Mathilde” top, to fit the Merchant and Mills “Trapeze” pattern. And I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I hadn’t planned on having the puffy sleeve head, just thought I’d get fullness to the bottom part of the sleeve. So it was Serendipity that I got the puffy sleeve head.

This is my wearable toile.

And then came this one. Made with the fabric I bought from Ditto fabrics in Brighton, back in February.

I am loving them.

Could not decide…

On what length I wanted this to be. Started out as a top.

Wore it a couple of times, then decided I didn’t like it like that, so turned it into a midi length dress

Which made me feel fat and frumpy. So off came some length, and now its a knee length dress.

Still not sure if I’m happy with it. To be totally honest, I think its the fabric/pattern. I really don’t do well in florals!

Couple of alterations…

Remember this dress?

Well I decided I wasn’t happy with it as a maxi dress. I know I’m fickle! So I shortened it.

It might be a tad too short to wear with bare legs, I did wear it once with bare legs during the really stupidly hot weather.

But this is probably how I’m more likely to wear it.

This dress had just a small alteration. I turned up the hem about 5cm or so, but did it so the reverse of the fabric showed. Just gives it a little contrast.