Couldn’t be anything other than a party dress… or two

So I had a Christmas do to go to, it was with one of my fitness groups, and it was an all day event. The specs for what to wear were: present your best self and it has to be white or silver or a combo of the two. At first I was a bit hesitant to make something for this and was quite happy to buy an outfit, but then I found the perfect fabric, from Minerva Its a silver Jacquard and its  gorgeous. I just knew I had to make something out of it.

I decided to make a cocowawa marshmallow dress, and include the pockets for a change. Since the first couple of these dresses I’ve made, I’ve not bothered to include the pockets. But this time I felt they would be appropriate.

So I made it, decided I wasn’t happy with it, and made another dress. This time I made a short Trapeze dress. Pretty much thought I would be wearing that, then tried them both on again, and decided  I would be wearing the Marshmallow.

First up is the Trapeze.

I don’t know it just felt that bit too short. I’m happy to wear it as a tunic with jeans.

Next up the Marshmallow

You can see the detail in the fabric quite well here.

It is super shiny, and I was quite excited to wear it. It felt like a special occasion dress to me. I know its not everyones cup of tea, but it is my style and thats that!

I wore it with a gorgeous silver sparkly headband, and silver sandals. And then changed into silver glitter Converse when my feet got tired.


I just love the shine on this fabric, its like real silver! It is in my mind the ultimate party dress…