June 2013: Something other than a cushion!

Rest assured people, I do end up making things other than cushion covers. But like I said I’m a slow learner and like to be confident with what I’m doing before I move on. I’ve now made 6 or 7 cushion covers, I’ve lost count. Its nearly the end of June and I’m starting to feel the need to branch out a bit. Don’t worry though I shan’t venture too far out of my comfort zone. I’ve started thinking about bags and how I could go about making them. But of course thats quite a big scary step for me! So I’ll start with something small.

A pretty little pouch. Oh and look, it matches some cushions!


Another little pouch. For a friend.

Another little pouch. For a friend.

  1. Amanda Combes

    And that’s my pouch, I love that too! X

  2. Amanda Combes

    In fact I have one of each! The pink one is a handy bag pouch. I use it to keep my mobile in in my bag so I can find it quickly when it rings. Rather than rummaging around in my bag and missing the call etc. A very useful item that I didn’t know I needed.

  3. Ooh thats good to hear. ALways fab to have something you didn’t know you needed. xx