I now LOVE vertical stripes…

I saw this gorgeous fabric on Minervacrafts.com and had to have it! When it arrived though I was a bit surprised at how stiff and rough it felt. Still I wasn’t put off and I put it in the wash. It felt a little better afterwards.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to make it into a Trapeze top/tunic or an Imogen, so I pondered on it for a few days and one day after coming back from my power walk I’d made up my mind to cut it out in preparation for an Imogen. I bought 3m and boy am I glad I did. I needed pretty much most of it for the pattern, as the fabric wasn’t very wide. I had hoped I’d have enough to make something else, but no.

I had a bit of a love hate working with this fabric, at first it felt stable to work with but then at times I felt like it wanted to stretch. It was horrible to iron, I had to really press hard and do it repeatedly to get any semblance of crispness.

I do love the finished garment though…

I tried it on before I’d finished it properly and for some reason rolled the sleeves up and was delighted with the look, so I made the decision to not put the elastic in leave the sleeves as roll ups. Don’t think thats the technical term!

The placket and the collar were the trickiest bits to work with. I still don’t fully understand what I’m doing and it always ends up working by accident or luck, but its never perfect. I’m a bit worried about the fabric at the bottom right side of the placket, I think there’s the potential for a hole!

And as for the top stitching at the base of the collar, well that went to pot. Its perfectly wearable though and I shall still wear it with pride.


Now for the mod pics… Please excuse the dusty mirror!

And here I am wearing it with a red stripey bag.

Very happy with it. And am now a convert to the vertical stripes.

  1. This tunic version looks fab. It really works wonderful with the jeans and sneaker.

  2. Roo

    love stripes and the imogen is a great shape. I have found myself ordering samples just to work out if the fabrics will work for me. Will you be going up to any of the sewing shows in London this autumn, as they are a great way of sourcing fabrics.

  3. jenny

    Another terrific pattern/fabric combination! This looks great! I agree with Sonja – the sneakers and jeans look great. I am in love with sneakers – so happy they are fashionable!