Lovely soft jersey…

Well what can I say? I simply can not stop making Trapeze dresses! Here’s a maxi version in the softest of black jersey. I added 6inches to the original pattern length and I really like it.

It works well with different types of foot wear too.

Once again very happy :0)


  1. Aliss

    Ooh, now there’s another great idea!

  2. Thank you! Xx

  3. Jenny

    And they all look so different – different fabric, different length.
    Very stylish!

  4. Mandy

    Fabulous and looks great!! I too love the trapeze pattern, and it is my go to dress always. I have a question…. I tried to lengthen my pattern to make a maxi dress but I found it went out of shape at the bottom by lengthening the pattern as it seems to have a natural cut off point, can you advise??