I’ve been tidying…

My sewing room. I got rid of all my scrap fabric that was too small to do anything with and maybe some that wasn’t. But it had gotten ridiculous, I had so much I didn’t know what to do with it. I had big ideas that I’d make a quilt one day with all my leftovers, but have since decided that ain’t gonna happen. And  was running out of places to store it. So it had to go.

I tidied all my fabric into boxes and have made a little rule that if I can’t store it in a box, I can’t buy it! Wonder how long that will last?

View from my sewing chair.

View from my sewing chair. The clothes hanging on the wall are waiting for alterations. Keep putting them off though.

View from the door.

View from the door. The art works on the wall are stuff I did twenty plus years ago when I was doing my Art A level at evening classes. Really enjoyed doing that but then my art room got taken over by junk and I sort of lost the passion for it. And then I discovered SEWING!


The big black box and the pink box now house my fabric and some scraps that are big enough they might be useful.

The big black box and the pink box now house my fabric and some scraps that are big enough they might be useful. I painted the blue wooden box many years ago when this was my art room. That now houses stuff I can’t bring myself to get rid of yet…

I love my little room, I really can’t tell you the joy that just sitting in there brings, let alone actually sewing. And I still marvel at the fact that I can sew.


  1. Gillian

    I know just what you mean! I rearranged my sewing room yesterday so that I when I’m sewing I’m now facing the window & can see the garden. So I enjoy sewing in there even more now. I also enjoy just having a cup of tea in there on a sunny afternoon.

  2. Absolutely Gillian, I love being in my room…

  3. your so lucky to have a space to call your own!

  4. Oh I know, I appreciate it big time! X

  5. Jenny

    Hi Sarah, wondering if you have come across Tessuti patterns? They are drafted and sold by this fabric store in Australia – you can buy hard copy, print at home or print at copy shop large paper. Simple, streamlined designs, very clear instructions, and easily adaptable. I’m lucky enough to live near one, and they have a samples rack, so we can see what they are like made up.

  6. Hello Jenny, yes I have heard of them, they sound a bit like Merchant and Mills who are based in the UK and I luckily happen to live quite close to them. They also have a samples rack, which is often very helpful when trying to work out how something goes together too. I have looked at the Tessuti patterns before and do like them, look right up my street. Actually not quite sure why I’ve not bought yet! Thanks for reminding me of them. Xx