Something other than sewing…

Sometimes I do something other than sewing. Sometimes I meet friends for cake!

Like this

Like this

& this

& this

One of my favourite things other than sewing and cake is the sea. I love love love the sea. Don’t like being on it ( I tried that) but I love looking at it and being near it. So a lovely walk along the seafront near where I live is simply a joy!

Here’s a few pics from a recent day out.



Actually I love the clouds almost as much as I love the sea.



I also popped into the lovely and very friendly Sewing parlour, they are slowly becoming a shop as well as a sewing studio. I picked up this gorgeous blue indian cotton 3.5 meters in fact. I have to say that at the moment indian cotton has to be my favourite type of fabric. Easy & comfortable to wear, easy to wash and iron.


It was the beginning of June and I was just about able to wear my M&M coat, only just, as it was warm in the sun but it did keep getting covered by cloud. I also wore the green dotty dress.

This is what I wore.

This is what I wore. Makes me so proud to be wearing a coat and dress I made.